At DAC 15, Discover the latest version of D&R Next Generation Configurable Enterprise Platform

Grenoble, France - May 07, 2015

Exciting New Features for Software License management !!!

The power of D&R Enterprise platform is the integration of a broad spectrum of management features together with real-time data replacing individually managed spreadsheets.

In the past two decades D&R focused on IP management allowing companies to trace and monitor IP in a product from design to delivery to procurement (Read more). Since the past four years emphasis was on Software License Management as the cost optimization is critical for companies where multiple tools from various vendors run on several compute servers.

Valuable features are provided in D&R Software License Management platform thus becoming a comprehensive Business Process Management Platform (BPM):

Online license remix/renewal requests from departments with auto roll up of data presented to the tool manager for license reconfiguration or purchasing decisions.

Financial reporting with algorithmic computation. This allows centralized license management including the tracing of license cost per "cost groups" with various discount schemes, automated quote/invoice generation to internal departments/accounts/groups and payment workflow.

Remix engine for cost optimization for the manager to start from a present status, shift to new licenses and verify if the global cost stays stable to avoid contract payment update.

Hierarchical contract renewal support to import incremental pricing changes for integration to the global pricing.

License Monitoring is completely integrated with LDAP/logins to generate completely integrated reports. No need to interface with other tools.

NNU (network named user) module generates reports about NNU and non NNU user activity, can track idle NNU user or detect non NNU users with high usage demands. Optimization consists then in redefining the NNU user group. This helps in predicting license requirements.

Front-End for option file (*.opt) editing is a value added feature of the platform to facilitate allocation of licenses and interfacing license administration.

D&R platform is the first commercial BPM platform that jointly manages administration, financing and monitoring for Software licenses. It provides a complete 360 degree view of licensing to ensure availability of licenses as determined by enterprises.

D&R enterprise platform runs under any OS (Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX, Linux, HP, etc), supports all internet browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) and any type of relational database (Mysql, ORACLE) and uses Java, WebServer (Jakarta-tomcat, WebSphere) and XML technology.

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