D&R extends capabilities of its Global corporate Software License Management System with Intelligent Advisers.

Grenoble, France - Nov 03, 2016

Extending the capabilities of its widely-used IP Management Platform (IPMS), D&R today announced a new advanced version of its Software License Manager integrating Rule Assisted Decisions.

This latest version significantly enhances support for administering and optimizing Software License Management through the use of configurable "Intelligent Advisers". The new Advisers are configurable by the platform administrator and use monitoring data results[1]. The Advisers optimize remixing and renewing software licenses and those activities may become almost "automatic".

With this new enhancement, IPMS™ provides an industry leading global integrated solution covering license administration, license remix/renew based on monitoring data analysis, finance and purchasing management.

"This solution is unique. Having fully integrated data that can be queried or acted-on immediately was a first challenge that this platform fulfilled. Bringing intelligence through configurable advisers based on comprehensive views of license usage, users need and behaviors gives an amazing power for saving license cost while satisfying users. This platform provides an optimized next generation Business process management" commented Gabriele Saucier CEO of D&R

The back ground: The Need for Better Software License Management

Recent marketing research [2] has found that most enterprises are not aware of their real software requirements. As a result, they do not control corporate licensing expenses as well as they could:

  • They may spend money renewing software licenses that are no longer in use
  • They put the responsibility of acquiring software in the hands of their purchasing departments, which often do not have visibility into how an application is actually used within their enterprise
  • They may spend money on software they did not need, and they never realize this because they fail to properly manage its usage after purchase

The result of all this is a Low Return on Investment for purchased software, which ultimately ends up impacting operations expenses in a negative manner. While corporations today can make significant investments in tools or platforms to monitor security (certainly an important focus nowadays), up until now, no integrated solution has been able to provide a global management platform that can efficiently manage software licenses and optimize the cost.

The Solution

What enterprises really need is a centralized location (portal) from which all license administration data and usage reports are available - a single location where all required administration activities, including license remix, renew, and purchase can be integrated and managed.

This newest version of the D&R Software License Manager does exactly this with the assistance of flexible Advisers based on license usage report data. License monitoring is based on the usage of Flex Net License Monitor and usage result captures and parsed in real time.

With these new Advisers, it is possible to renew or remix software licenses based on accurate usage report, to analyses users and groups behaviors, support a variety of cost sharing scenarios, such as dividing up the cost of licenses among business units, or distributing cost across shared projects based on actual usage.

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[1]: Includes support for FlexNet monitor usage data.
[2]: Global Software License Management Market (2016-2020), Technavio.com

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