Design & Reuse delivers a new version of its Software License Manager with Real-Time License Management and Matlab®-specific support

Grenoble, France - March 1, 2017

The need for a single centralized location (portal) from which all license administration activity for a large enterprise can be managed has widely been recognized. Such a portal is the control center where all license administration activities, including license remix, renew, and purchase, could be integrated and managed across a multitude of products and globally scattered sites, and be the central repository for all licensing-related data and usage reports for the enterprise.

For a number of years now, Design & Reuse (D&R) has been addressing this need by providing an industry-leading integrated solution for corporate global Software License Management covering license administration, license remix/renew, finance and purchasing management.

Recently, D&R significantly enhanced its Software License Management solution by integrating a Flexnet license monitoring engine. The new engine provides innovative capabilities for capturing, compressing and analyzing license monitoring data (comparable in volume to "sequential Big Data") in real time and making it visible in "intelligent XML dashboards" or "panels" with Admin configurable views.

It has been shown in the previous release that by analyzing this data over remix/renewal periods, the Admin can define intelligent advisers or rules to guide, and even automate, the remix and renewal process for software licenses.

In this release, intelligent panels now provide real-time, fine-grain analysis of user and user group behavior. This new support of real-time analysis of behavior allows the Admin to react immediately to license access congestion and take actions to optimize the global usage of floating licenses in the following ways:

  • Real-Time Configurable Alerts
    • Real-time alerts, commonly used to handle license expiration, can now be sent to the Admin or manager to warn about license "misuse" which may consist of a user "retaining" a license token for a suspiciously excessive period of time, about an excessive number of denials, about "underused" licenses, or more generally, any situation defined by the platform administrator that requires prompt action.
  • Integrated E-Mail Engine
    • When faced with complaints or an urgent request, the Admin can use the integrated e-mail engine to ask current users to release their license tokens if unused or not required by high priority tasks. This facilitates the dialog between the manager and users.

Special attention has been given in this release to the optimization of MATLAB license management characterized by large user base in many companies leading to a significant cost, a large set of features, possibly with short usage times and intensive sharing, and overall a special licensing support for NNUs (Network Named User).

NNU license specific optimization features have therefore been integrated :

  • At any time, a NNU license usage report will show whether or not the NNU license management is efficient or if a "waste" of NNU seats is observed. In the case where a misuse is observed, a remix engine provides automated optimization of NNU groups, ejecting idle users and replacing them with active or high priority users.
  • In case of intractable congestion (insufficient number of seats and recurring "hot" user complaints) requiring purchase of additional licenses, "New Seat Purchase" rules configured by the administrator advise whether more floating or more NNU licenses should be purchased.

"Having fully integrated data that could be queried or acted upon immediately was the first challenge that this platform fulfilled. Adding intelligence through configurable advisers based on comprehensive views of license usage, user needs and behaviors was the second step. Adding more real-time reactivity brings a next level of intelligence to this system", said Gabriele Saucier CEO of D&R.

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