D&R Demonstrates IPMS™ V9, Market-leading Corporate IP Management Platform at DAC 2017

The latest release of IPMS™ (IP Management Enterprise Platform) offers significant next generation features for all facets of IP management.

What's new for IP providers

• Introducing a global Customer Project view

The new IPMS version adds a "Customer Project View" to enhance the global customer delivery process from IP packaging, to delivery and support.

Starting from a customer requirement, a multi-agent workflow follows up seamlessly the whole process from unready IP in design DB to a released version under the control of the Release Manager up to the creation of a so-called customer IP shelf delivery and finally up its actual delivery to the client location under the control of the Delivery Manager.

The delivery process can cope with distinct servers for specific client locations, invoke any protocol (FTTP or HTTP), and even switch protocols in case of severe issues.

• Improvements to Delivery process

The worldwide delivery process handles very large files. With such large files, transfers may often be interrupted, especially when using the SFTP protocol. An innovative HTTPS protocol supported by the Delivery Manager adds a "resume" capability, the capability to cross proxy servers of the client if required, and a user-friendly GUI to track the delivery process.

"We launched the web site in 2016 using IMPS to deliver Trailblaze software and memory compilers and have been using it to make deliveries worldwide. IPMS offers a straightforward integrated solution from IP Release to Delivery", commented Cameron F, CEO of Mobile Semiconductor.

Note that the client can safely access the platform at all phases of their project using a single set of IPMS credentials. He will be updated about any new version and bug related to the IP and can follow his payments due or done.

On the IP provider side, client accesses can be tracked, license files can be easily forwarded, and all aspects of payments, including payment calculations, tracking of payments due, and the issuing of payment reminders are easily managed from the platform, keeping both providers and clients "in sync" on payment status. An additional feature is the support for Usage Request generation to request usage reports for royalty calculation. Such reports can be triggered automatically.

What's new for IP consumers

• IP Reuse across geographical design centers

For enterprises having several geographically distributed design centers, optimized exchanges of both internal and external IP are of prime importance to support collaborative projects. The enhanced IP exchange capabilities available to providers bring also a great benefit to IP consumers.

In this new release, It is important to note that, around the central IP/ SoC /project management system, data transfers between design centers are easily performed under central control, but do not require an IP file to transit through the central management station. Direct transfers can be triggered and safely controlled from the central station - no added useless transfers required.

The benefit of the central management station is of course to facilitate IP reuse through information exchange, IP tracing (Where Used, Who Used) as well as global support (new version and bug alerts)

• Managing external IP

IPMS reinforces its dominant position in the IP royalty management arena with its well-known extensible library of Royalty functions. Functions in the Royalty functions library abstract the contract clauses and provide a reliable computation of royalties due with a shared understanding between providers and consumers. To complete very advanced features such as Financial tear sheet production, two new Features have been added namely The multi-level royalty computation and the Adjust Function.

Multi-level royalty computation combining royalty resulting from direct shipment, distributor shipment and customer shipping his own product incorporating the native external IP. In this case the royalty payment has shared between the IP consumer and his client

• The "Adjust" function is one of the strongest benefits of the synchronization capabilities across panels (intelligent dashboards) of IPMS. It traces a modification of some data due to error or update (IP shipment volume, percentage of the average selling price for example) throughout the platform and exhibits the changes / corrections to be made

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