At DATE 2015 Conference, D&R announces a next version of its Enterprise IP-SoC platform (IPMS™) expanding financial reporting features and adding automated Tear Sheet generation

Grenoble, France - March 03, 2015

D&R Enterprise platform (IPMS) is a next generation browsable IP-SoC management platform which has proven its efficiency for more than 17 years for IP Management in System on Chip (IP for intellectual property in Electronic design) and for the last 3 years for Software Licence Global Management.

This Java platform adds to powerful IP tracing in SoC and products, automated creation of configurable Intelligent Dashboards or "management panels" associating advanced XML types to each item of the dashboard. In the previous versions, D&R announced a powerful extension by adding user controllable embedded Python functions as one of the types assigned to an item of a dashboard or a management panel.

The platform is providing amazing finance reporting capabilities in the IP domain. The various fee and especially royalty payment functions which differ from a licensor to another can be expressed in Python, stored in an extensible Fee or Royalty library that can be called in payment panels. User friendly, configurable payment display of Payment Due/ Done per IP, per Licensor, per System on Chip, per Product volume can trigger on demand alerts for payments or expiration dates.

"Combining advanced XML typing and Python functions leads to the most innovative, next generation management platform replacing definitively spreadsheet based management. It gives an amazing power increase to Enterprise global management. It is certainly a break point in IT technology for Enterprise IP-SoC management" commented Gabrièle Saucier CEO of D&R.

Today D&R announces a new feature which is the automated generation of editable tear sheet containing key data in Sync at any time with the data stored in the platform.

Tear sheet is a one page summary of the most significant data relative to IP licensors, IP in SoC and in shipped products aiming at giving to financial or business managers of the company the strategic data required for evaluating and orientating the corporate IP policy. These tear sheets can be viewed at a glance online. They can also be edited at any time as well as emailed to managers not willing to access online data.

The platform includes in this new version a Tear Sheet Editor role that will

• define a sheet floorplan

• select the data required in the Tear sheet and import them in dedicated panels that can be refreshed at any time

• assign panel data to the various areas of the floorplan and generate the tear sheet in one click

"This was one of the missing pieces... Extracting the most significant data from a platform that contains such a broad set of management views and financial reports and collecting them in a "Tear Sheet" that managers can view at a glance... and having these data synchronized at any time... was just mandatory"

D&R enterprise platform runs under any OS (Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX, Linux, HP, etc), supports all internet browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) and any type of relational database (MySQL, ORACLE) and uses Java, WebServer (Jakarta-tomcat, WebSphere) and XML technology.

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