Design and Reuse latest news :

At Dac 19 D&R demonstrates more Innovation and Intelligence in IPMS™

At IP SoC 18 - France, D&R delivers the latest release of its Smart IP Delivery Manager - IPMS™

At DaC 18 D&R offers Privacy and Efficiency to IP Consumers for searching, comparing and evaluating Third Party IP.

D&R announces the first "Smart Software License Manager" based on User Behavior Learning.

At IP SoC 17, The 6 reasons to use IPMS Infrastructure as your internal IP Management System

At DAC, D&R Demonstrates IPMS™ V9, Market-leading Corporate IP Management Platform

At DAC, What's new about D&R Software License Manager ? More intelligence and More Efficiency

Design & Reuse delivers a new version of its Software License Manager with Real-Time License Management and Matlab®-specific support

Design & Reuse adds advanced IP Customer Reporting Features to its IP intranet Management Provider Station (IPMS™) and delivers a next generation Audit Support Engine

D&R announced the latest version of its "IP Procurement Manager", part of the Design & Reuse IPMSā„¢ Enterprise platform.