D&R introduces a new version of its IP management platform (IPMS) integrating IP Packaging, IP Delivery and CRM features

Bangalore - April 06, 2016

Speeds up and secures IP packaging process from design DB to a delivery station; Delivers IP files to client over continent with configurable workflow, resume, alerts and innovative concurrent transfer speed up.

D&R announces a new version of its next generation platform (IP Management System IPMS™) integrating all needed features from design, to delivery (most of the time over continent) up to customer support including all CRM facets.

IP SoC providers are known to be the Vital Seeds of Electronics Industry. It is key for this industry to leverage their innovation power and facilitate a fast dissemination of their innovation in the Electronics Industry. The mission of D&R is to favor such a dissemination as the catalyst of the IP based electronic business.

It appeared to D&R that one of the key success enablers for IP SoC providers is a reliable and secure IP packaging and delivery process.

The set of intelligent management features can be extended at any time and covers the following basic features:

● A seamless connection to the design environment (supporting any type of revision control systems such as Clearcase, SOS, SVN, GIT, etc).

○ A file upload command extract automatically the files from the DB (identified by its tag)

○ Customer configurations are defined and extract subset of views dedicated to class of customers.

○ The files are stored as a "shelf delivery" in an integrated delivery platform. "Which files go to Which client?" is definitively no more a concern.

● Online IP Delivery (ftps or https protocol) from their platform by authorized clients following an intelligent customizable workflow including

○ Delivery Manager control and download status panel

○ Transfer Resume and alerts to customer (Download reminder)

○ Innovative transfer speed up process triggering parallel transfers of functional packages defined during the packaging phase

● Customer bug DB management

○ Online bug declaration by the customer

○ Automated identifying of "which bug affected which clients"

● Finance management stores customizable agreements including due license, NRE, Royalty, maintenance fee

○ Calendar view

○ Payment reminder to customer

○ Finance recap and tear sheet

Note that most of the IP-SoC providers, Fabless IC vendors or design centers are at the same IP consumers and IP providers. Therefore IPMS™ includes all specific management features for third party IP and a so called IP Consumer station handles concurrently internal and 3PIP.

D&R will announce in a close future an enhanced version dealing with both facets.

"It is the mission of D&R to be the catalyst of the IP business worldwide and we are convinced that such an infrastructure can increase drastically IP provider productivity. We see it as a standard for IP provider for monitoring and delivering their IP on the market" said Gabriele Saucier, CEO of D&R.

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