Design & Reuse adds advanced IP Customer Reporting Features to its IP intranet Management Provider Station (IPMS™) and delivers a next generation Audit Support Engine

Grenoble, France - Jan 18, 2017

Design & Reuse ("D&R") today announced the addition of a new customer reporting feature to its IP Provider Station. This feature relies on a Royalty Function Library that is shared between Licensor ("provider") and Licensee ("consumer") and provides a next generation Audit Support Engine.

For two decades, D&R has been delivering its configurable IP intranet management system, IPMS, to support both IP providers and IP consumers. More recently, the company has been focusing its attention on improving the business communication process between Licensors an Licensees.

For IP providers, the original focus of IPMS was to import IP versions directly from the provider's design environment, to create and document these custom IP configurations online, and to store them as "IP shelf deliveries" in the IP delivery repository. From there, they could be securely downloaded. In the latest release, the emphasis enhancing the IPMS "Extranet" Front End which supports customer access, and adding more Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features.

For IP consumers in previous releases, the emphasis was on supporting Third Party IP procurement through the creation of an extensible Python royalty function library covering commonly used IP provider "royalty (calculation) templates". With the addition of the ability to track the presence of IP in electronic products and product shipments in the latest release of IPMS, IP consumers can now calculate the current fees and royalties due to each provider, control the payment schedule, and even generate payment forecast.

D&R is making this know-how available to IP providers by creating intelligent, searchable fee and royalty payment dashboards, and by adding the ability to set up automatic payment and alert reminders for each client.

This new version makes possible for providers to create their own royalty functions from scratch, or derive new functions from pre-existing ones. Once a provider has defined the royalty function to be applied to each IP, the consumer can deliver the required parameter values to them by generating an IP Usage Report and a Product Shipment Volume Report. The data from these two reports together can then be used to automatically determine the amount of royalty due.

Consumers can provide the parameters required by the royalty function directly by filling out configurable IP usage report forms residing on the provider's IPMS Extranet. Alternatively, the same information can be uploaded by the Licensee from an Excel spreadsheet, or automatically imported from an IPMS extranet companion module in the IPMS Consumer Station.

A Business Process that is in Sync between IP providers and consumers

  • The front-to-back business process supported by the platform starts with a licensing agreement signed between the Licensor (provider) and Licensee (consumer). This agreement defines all fees due to the Licensor (licensing fees, maintenance fees, etc.) as well as the appropriate royalty function to be used in calculating royalties for IP covered by the agreement.
  • The agreement, in turn, determines the Licensee's obligations in terms of "IP Usage Report" format, which contains the IP royalty function parameters, and the periodicity with which a "Product Shipment Volume Report" on products integrating the licensed IP must be delivered by the Licensee.
  • On the licensor side, based on agreement details, payment requests can be generated payment due dates. To promote a more regular flow of payments, two types of Periodic Reminders from the Licensor to the Licensee can be configured: one regarding the provision of shipment records, and another regarding any due payments.

At any time, fees which are due or have been paid are displayed on the Licensor platform. This fee status data can be shared with licensee, ensuring that both Licensees, ensuring that both Licensees and Licensors are kept in sync on current billing and payment status.

Gabriele Saucier, CEO of Design & Reuse, said:

"The ability of IP Licensors and Licensees to communicate IP royalty and fee reports in sync based on automated report export/import mechanisms makes D&R's IPMS a unique next generation audit support engine.

In case of an audit or dispute, only the parameters which were clearly indicated in the legal agreement's royalty functions ultimately need to be inspected or certified. Foundry confirmation (of the number of IP instances, for example) is one of the checks that can be required as part of an audit, and a product shipment audit completes the information needed for the audit process.

This new extension of IPMS Provider Station further demonstrates the power of having an integrated IP management system which supports and streamlines all aspects of the IP business, from delivery, to financial and legal terms. A system that creates an exchange vehicle for clear-cut communications between Licensee and Licensor is one of the ultimate requirements for a smooth IP business flow."

Said Gabriele, "At D&R, we believe that a threefold vision is key to the continued growth, and even survival, of the IP business:

  • Increased integration of IP development and business systems;
  • Laser focus on the specific needs of the IP SoC business to help IP providers face the next generation's delivery and security challenges, and
  • As has been repeatedly stated for many years, consensus between Licensees and Licensors on standards is critical to achieve maximum efficiency through consistency"

Need more Information?

Gabriele Saucier will be talking about the new IP reporting capabilities and other new developments at Design & Reuse at the upcoming D&R Silicon Valley User Community Meeting next week in Santa Clara, CA on Thursday, January 26, 2017. For more information on the upcoming Community Meeting, click here

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