At DaC 18 D&R offers Privacy and Efficiency to IP Consumers for searching, comparing and evaluating Third Party IP.

Become D&R Privileged IP Consumers

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For 2 decades D&R offers to the IP SoC community the worldwide most comprehensive database allowing IP consumers to search IP (16 000 IP from 450 providers daily updated on with a monthly traffic of 80000 unique visitors per month). During the same period D&R offers to the market a comprehensive intranet infrastructure (IPMS™) to manage internal and external IP.

Within this new offer both expertise converges to provide a broad set of services to IP consumers.

First an unique IP Search/Compare/Engine is provided to IP consumers to guarantee them full privacy.

"Privileged IP consumers" are invited to Download an "IP Find & Eval" (IPMS™) Module providing the following features:

  • When searching on D&R website and selecting possible candidates (generating the so called "My IP list") on the "choice" list is directly imported in the IP consumer intranet "Eval" dashboard in their intranet module without activating any alert or lead service.
  • The IP consumer can then directly and easily contact the vendor in full privacy through its "Eval" module reaching the right contact person
  • The fields and data in the "Eval" dashboard configured by the IP Consumer allow straightforward comparison of the solutions.
  • Dialog with the provider is facilitated through an integrated Mail Engine for easy communication and all presales steps can be supported.
  • Archive of the evaluation data enhances the IP consumer expertise about 3PIP selection process over time.

Bringing the latest D&R IP News in the consumer intranet is the next exciting offer

Within the downloaded application an extension allows the privileged IP Consumer to import in its intranet (selected) renown weekly D&R News Alerts. It will make specific News available to internal users (possibly "selected groups" who should be aware of the latest News in their field) without overloading mail system and being blocked by mail authorization.

Last the IP Consumer can import in its intranet selected IP provider catalogs

For all major IP providers D&R updates and maintains an IP list synchronized at any time with provider data. This IP list can be imported in the privileged consumer in its intranet application over the firewall and stay synchronized in real time. For significant portfolio requiring fine grain update on advanced process nodes for instance, this service is of high value for both providers and consumers.

"Comprehensive IP data exchange synchronized in real time between IP vendors and IP consumers is key in the IP Soc World... Full privacy and more efficiency is the challenge. D&R had a long track of double competency for both internet & intranet data synchronization and is glad to serve its community facing new privacy rules" commented Gabriele Saucier CEO of D&R

Business Model

The business model can be tailored to the consumer wishes (Install the module as Freeware and charge by IP search campaign/news subset/catalog import) or included in a yearly subscription with unlimited usage.

Upgrade offer

At any time an upgrade can be triggered by the IP consumer to use the full IPMS™–IP consumer option and therefore benefit from all external and internal IP management features form IP Entry to IP tracing to IP delivery ..

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D&R enterprise platform runs under any OS (Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX, Linux, HP, etc), supports all internet browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) and any type of relational database (MySQL, ORACLE) and uses Java, WebServer (Jakarta-tomcat, WebSphere) and XML technology.

About Design And Reuse

Design & Reuse (D&R) was founded in 1997, the same year it launched its unique and renown IP web portal, D&R extended its scope by a companion site,, for connecting system designers with vendors of subsystems, platforms, SoC Solutions... For 3 years a new connected site,, holds a Market Place dedicated to the Mandarin speaking IP SoC community.

D&R continues to maintain its focus on streamlining IP-based design with its Enterprise IP Management System (IPMS™), a next generation configurable Enterprise Java based platform offering the most innovative solution for internal and external IP management from design to reuse, to IP tracing in delivery and products etc... It includes unique powerful procurement features for external IPs (Finance reporting, Fee and royalty calculation).

For 5 years the platform has been extended to software license management. It incorporates a license monitoring Front End aiming at reducing License cost and offers powerful corporate financial reporting capabilities. Innovative user behaviour learning has been recently introducing to allow software license managers to add more intelligence in their decision-making process.

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