December 5th, 2018 – Grenoble (France)

At IP SoC 18 - France, D&R delivers the latest release of its Smart IP Delivery Manager - IPMS™

More innovation, efficiency and security...

In the IP business world, IP delivery process is a key ingredient... as large files are delivered and possibly frequently updated all over the world.

In a previous version, IPMS™ IP Delivery Manager platform aimed at providing IP Release Managers, Customer Delivery and Support Managers a global management view reporting on:

  • Which Product Releases (configurations, target process node...) are available and put on the shelves (IP Shelf Delivery)?
  • Which product Releases have been delivered to which client?
  • Which bug affects which client?

The previous version of D&R IP Delivery Manager provided these features for many years and proved an amazing management efficiency.

"We use IPMS™ for many years and we first wonder how it would be possible to update accurately our partners and customers about our IP list without IPMS™. Having at any time synchronized views about what is available and delivered, together with pending bug, enhances our productivity and our customer support for years.", said Frederic MASSON, Director of Silicon IP Operations at Dolphin Integration, who got the best IPMS™ User Prize 2017

The innovation in this last release consists in adding to the previous management features the implementation of a full secure delivery process (actual IP File delivery) based on two synchronized (IPMS™) platforms

  • An Intranet Platform, namely "IP Shelf Delivery Station", updated in cooperation with the Release Manager storing the "ready to go" IP or IP package releases (shelf delivery) in a secure intranet location. These deliveries can be customer specific or "generic" as reused for a class of customers.
  • An Extranet Platform, namely "Customer IP Delivery Station", monitoring the actual customer delivery. Customers can possibly access this station for on line delivery once authorized and delivery posted. This second station can be viewed as an intelligent replacement of a conventional FTTP server as fully integrated in the global management and offers all required functions such as file encryption, any transfer protocol, resume and recovery...

Synchronization between those 2 platforms adds this level of intelligence through a double-way process:

  • IP Shelf delivery Releases are updated in the intranet station in cooperation with the Release manager to guarantee that "What Is available". This "available Shelf Delivery" list is replicated and synchronized in the Customer Station.
  • When triggering a Delivery process in the Customer Station, the Delivery Manager points to that "Ready to go Deliverables" list synchronized with the shelf Delivery Station. So "What is delivered" will be is under full control
  • Once a delivery process is successfully completed, a Delivery Report is automatically updated in the customer station through a tracking process and a synchronized copy in the Delivery Station will be updated too thus archiving all delivery.

"We had been looking at different solutions to improve the IP release flow to our customers. We were immediately interested in IPMS™ as it addressed our requirements, including a web-based user interface, bug reporting capability, packaging and delivery combined solution, security, and customizable features for added flexibility. Our experience with Gabriele's team has been very positive once we started working out the implementation details. In short, we are very happy with the collaboration between SST and D&R and with the results.", said Pascal Adam SST Product Marketing Manager - SST Licensing Division

Microchip SST won the Best IPMS™ 2018 user prize

"I am excited to see D&R IP Management System IPMS™ offering more and more, next generation, "e-commerce" advanced features facilitating IP Exchange and Delivery. This fits well D&R role as catalyst of the IP based Electronic System world." said Gabriele Saucier - D&R CEO

About Design and Reuse

D&R was founded in 1997, the same year it launched its unique and renown IP web portal, D&R extended its scope by a companion site,, for connecting system designers with vendors of subsystems, platforms, SoC Solutions... For 3 years a new extension,, holds a Market Place dedicated to the Mandarin speaking IP SoC community.

D&R continues to maintain its focus on streamlining IP-based design with its Enterprise IP Management System (IPMS™), a next generation configurable Enterprise Java based platform offering the most innovative solution for internal and external IP management from design to reuse, to IP tracing in delivery and products etc... It includes unique powerful procurement features for external IPs (Finance reporting, Fee and royalty calculation).

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